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Part A 1 - Company Address and Location

Part A 2 – Chief Executive

Part A 3 - Contact Person for AGI, if different from A2

Part B - Statistical Data shall be treated strictly confidential and not made available to third parties.

B1 - Company

B2 Export

B3 Trade Fairs

B 4 Imports

B5 The Company is already member of:


Part C - Data will be used for AGI Publications (Membership Directory, Buyers Guide, website, etc.) Your company will be listed in alphabetical order with full details of A1, C2 and C3 under the General Listing. Company’s name will also be listed under respective sector(s) in the appropriate Sector Listing. If you require further information, please contact the AGI Secretariat.

C1 - Please select the sector(s) of your companies’ main business activity.

If more than one applies, tick up to three major areas. Please do not tick more than three!


C2 - Our main area of business is: :

C3 - Our five (5) main products or services: :